Days come

Days go

Days stay the same







Perhaps I should have considered

The implications of my latest grand plan

Sure I can study each evening

2 hours no probs peeps.


Turns out I can do

Just what I said

And still have time for some crafting

But my brain is so fried

By lights out each night

That I miss my nightly day dreaming.

Day dreaming works great

When the mind has time to wander

Not so when there is no time to go.

Oh well, I will simply

Keep plugging away

And the ideas will return

One winter’s day

When the study is done

And the Masters hangs proudly

Upon a wall in a future time.


The 80s soundtrack

The music goes round my head

Michael Jackson

Billy Gene

A little bit of Bill Collins thrown in


Sweet child of mine

Living on a Prayer


Come on Eileen

Beat it


Girls just want ta have fun

Burning down the house


“Do you really want to hurt me

Jack & Diane?”

“You Got it”


Wild thing

Walking on Sunshine

Walk like an Egyptian

Down Under


80s Rock

Rocks the house

The music goes round my head

Invasive and pervasive

Bopping away

Grin on my face

Jump, go ahead and jump

Into study now I go.


Weekend Envy

I signed up all excited

Higher education beckoned

But now I’m feeling somewhat mitred

My wings are clipped

I am not soaring

My shoulders bowed and head is dipping

Immersed in writing

and in referencing.

I do not care just where periods go

Does it really matter if I misplace a comma too

In the reference list so long and dreary

It’s Saturday night, the footy’s on

And I am editing and will be for so long.



A long week

The week already feels

About 10 days long

I’ve phoned, I’ve visited

I’ve taught some classes

I searched some bags

And hunted in bushes

I’ve pushed and pulled

And been creative

I’ve met and discussed

And comforted

I’ve complimented

And greeted with grins

Rendered first aid

Planned and prepped

Issued multiple detentions

I’ve run a club

And cleanned up as well

I’ve done two hours of study

I’ve issued stern warnings

And outlined the benefits of praise

I’ve roared and thanked

And comisserated

It’s been such a long week already

Weary eyes ready for bed

I checked the day


It’s still Monday!


A child cries out for love

In different ways

They smile

They laugh

They chuckle

They rest a sad, tear stained face upon

A caring nearyby adult.

The lucky child

Sees all theses things

And knows what comfort a hug brings

They know the right way to call out

A cry for help is answers,

A not quite so lucky child

Might end up

Under Government protection

But there are still more lonesome souls

Deprived of love or even attention

These children do not fall through cracks

They are not even noticable on the sidewalk

These children might have some food and a bed

But not the slightest bit of attention.

How does a child go unnoticed

In a house filled with others.

How does a child go unnoticed

A week long lost and homeless

Day dawning

Fog shrouds the low lying ground,

Clouds unsuccessfully hide the sun,

Brilliant red gold lining, hints at the day just begun.

A mite bit cold

My nose feels like an ice brick

My fingers seem to creak

My toes could freeze a lunatic

It’s feeling a mite bit cold here

The heat just seems to leak

Straight out through the timber floorboards

To the breeze blowing beneath

My house is built for summer

Large windows open wide

And the crawl space under the floorboards

Is big enough in which to hide

The walls are made of timber

Thin skinned and clad throughout

So on a cold and breezy winter’s night

It’s time to just plain shiver

I’m feeling a mite bit cold here

In this 12 degree C weather 🙂


Back to study

I’ve started back at uni

A masters to complete

I could be rather busy

Course deadlines now to meet

This means I won’t be writing

Quite as much as up to now.


Health Challenge update

I confess the days are all as one

And I no longer know what day I am on.

I have been not quite so as good

Imbiling in some anti-imflamatory red wine.

A slice of cake, my daughter made

A smigen of that caramel sauce

A slither of a tartlet

So I didn’t make the time line

But here’s the thing

I am not stressed

I can choose the day of the test

I just delay a few more days.



Ode to Sandstone

People love their granites

And marble countertops

They ooh and ah right over

The pretty coloured rocks.

Volcanic formations

Get more than they deserve

They’re hard and they tessalate

It’s more than I can bear.

It’s the humble sandstone

With layers of darker sand

That capture my attention

Sedimentary I stand.

This rock is soft and erodes

Quite easily you see

But the bedding planes and contours

Always inspire me.

The colours are more earthy

Muted and clear to see

I love the humble sandstone

Not the sparkly.