Upon this wood

Upon this wood

Outlook over the sea

Brass plaques are attacted to thee

Memories of ones gone before

Lost at sea

Not on the shore.


30 day challenge

Medical testing coming up

Preventative for sure

But just in case

I launched a job

30 days of fitness

30 days of healthy living

85 minutes of activity

12 000 steps each day to beat

Three strength sessions over the week

A swim per week in winter cold

Limit my bread to twice a week

And carbs to twice a day

No sugar added in anything

From chocolate I will refrain

Perhaps a glass of red will suffice

And put a hold on too much fruit

Lots of fish and veges

I’ll put my chompers into

And in a month once tests are done

Hopefully the results will make me smile

But even if something is found

I will have made a good start

To being a fitter and healthier me

My 30 day challenge to then continue

The trick, as many teachers will say

Is  not the healthy living

It’s managing on restrictive chocolate

Come the next end of term time 🙂


Saturday night football

Saturday night is rather quiet

The football you see is on

You’ve got a pick of AFL

Or League and Union tests

The TV is not mine for the viewing

When football hits the screen

And as I don’t like listening

To commentators as they preen

I tend to hide away from sports

Except for Summer Tennis.

A friend once was disgusted

By my encylopeadia of ignorance

And she marched me to a TV screen

And taught me the rules of Rubgy

Then I actually played some touch

I even managed a try

But no matter what interventions

My friends and family have tried

I still do not like viewing whilst listening to idle ramblings

I will not watch the football

When commentators are going on.


Writing job applications

As a graduating uni student

I, of course, wrote quite a few

I got very good at them

And shouting my own trumpet.

I found a glass of wine would help

But certainly not over two.

Roll through the years

And roll on some more

And imagine an aspiring teacher

The first application I did submit

My principal, he did a flip

“What is this thing that you have done?”

“I do not recognise the style.”

“Where are your selection criteria?”

It appears my days of excelling

At the job application where done.

A few years later

My casual persuit of a higher job

I serious up and write to the selection criteria.

“Yes but how did you do that?”

“Why did you do that?”

“Break it down into bits.”

My protests fell on deaf ears and the applications piled up in the bin

Then one day, I got a short listing

Sigh and grin Selection Criteria Win!

So just imagine my dismay

When I go to apply to a job today

And opening up my selection criteria

Update a little then read the ad.

“Suitability statement is required”

What the F….



My own little erupting volcano

Teaching in a science Lab

Earth Science is not that exciting.

How can you demonstrate

Volcanic eruptions and plate tectontics?

Our Scientific Officer found an exciting prac

Settle some cold wax

In the bottom of a beaker

Layer it with sand and water

And add it to the refridgerator.

Get the students to boil the water

When it was nice and cold

And sit and watch that glass

Til it’s starting to get old.

Without any warning

Hot wax, erupts through sand

Quickly it cools down

Eruptive landforms thus created.

Now that seems all quite fun

And the students did enjoy.

Until one of the little sods

Decided to have a play

Wax ended up in the drain holes

And one thought it could be chewed like gum

Another decided to heat the sand to see if the beaker could break

Yeah Gods!

They turned a fun prac

Into my own little erupting volcano.



Dreams in my head

I’ve got dreams in my head

As I’m laying in my bed

And it’s feeling quite frustrating;

Yet the dreams are quite elating.

I want to work with wood;

And I’ve projects that I could.

But there are life chores to be done;

And I know they are not fun.

I want to work creating;

But the world keeps on baiting.

Have a little time;

Child asks for help in making slime.

Have a little relax;

Child asks for me to show how to mend slacks.

When will life become less demanding,

So I can go and do my sanding?


Dying wave

Light trapped in the ripples

Of a retreating wave

Shadows form and shift

Down the sand again

Little speaks of sea foam

Clink to the surface fast

But this wave, it is dying

Seconds only left to last.

Friday afternoons

I come home feeling satisfied,

A week of work is done.

Students are educated

My mind is feeling sated,

Tired and exhausted

Yet I enter the house feeling cautious

Has the kitchen been cleaned

Has the washing been done

Will I have to spend two hours

Cleaning my house, not for fun.

The other Friday morning

I got up bleary eyed and early

And washing I did get started

The dining room completed

And the kitchen sparkled.

I did not quite enjoy it then

But when I hit the doorway

That Friday afternoon

I remembered my hard labour

And enjoyed my Friday afternoon.

Peace and quiet?

We are a family of kayakers

Or yakers if you are in the know

And one of our favourite activities

Is to get into the yaks and go


Now I am sure this sounds quite restful

As it really really should be

We are not that great at fishing

The fish are safe from me.

What rubbish we take in

We take out and normally extra

My issue with yaking

Is not the quiet river

Nor the early mornings

Or the gentle breeze that causes shivers

It’s the constant sound of children

Calling on help from thee

Because they got their fishing line

Stuck up in a tree 🙂

Winter Sun

Winter sun comes streaming in

Windows block the vicious wind.

Winter sun warms my soul

Blue skies, an inverted bowl.

Days warm up to mid twenties

Nights are cold, it’s time for jammies.

I love this season, winter warmed

Garden dormant, plants waiting formed.

Spring will burst and with it heat

Wishing I had my winter cold feat.




A wander up the beach one day

Releaved a lonely scene

A partly eroded shell

Upon the beach for all to see.

Is this shell lonely?

Or is it happily,

Having some alone time

Content to simply be?

Too many things

Life should be immortal for all

For how do we fit all those things

That we want to do

Trips we want to take

And live our life to be better