A song once sung

“Head West” proclaimed

But what would we find there.

I headed west

Into a desert

Sheoaks and spinifex lived there

But not all wests give the same

And one day I went bushwalking


Endless vistas of mountain ranges

A city’s water supply

Hazy spring afternoons

Gave everything a muted tone.

One west a desert of open plains

One west bands of mountain ranges

What other wests are there out there

Sounds like I have some exploring yet to do.


Day 10

Day 10 was not so good

But I did not stray too far

A small slice of apple pie

A bit of custard

Now I have to say of apple pie

The fruit was way too sweet

And custard, I did not get much of

My son he helped me there.

Even though I caved to temptation

I am not unhappy with myself

For all in all I’ve eaten most healthy

For the ten days before.




The morning dawns

The birds awake


No other sound to make

The kids are blissfully tuckered out

The house is content in cleaniless

For me,

My brain says time to rise

This means today I have the luxury

Of an early morning exercise.

Bird v Car

A bird call and a car motor

Compete for making noise

The bird is done quite quickly

The motor fades away

Which will last the distance

Until the end of days?

Day 8

Day 8 has come

Day 8 has gone

And just the slightest craving

Icecream I wanted

Icecream I drooled

I was very good

I simply distanced myself.

Those windows I have

Looked out of for weeks

Needed a wash clean.

One craving now abated.



Celebrating healthy?

I simply cannot remember

How many days I am into my health kick

I am not yet in the double digits

I am, somewhere, I hope past the sixth.

Perhaps it is my seventh day

And things are going surprisingly well

We had the end of term party

No sugar did I partake of.

I ignored the oreo muffins

And the lemon drissle cake

I did not touch the chocolates,

Nor the cranberry crackers and quince paste.

I stuck with the fruit and sushi and a small slice of vegetarian slice


No celebratory end of term wine

Greeted me at the door when I got home.

I did not crave a chocolate

I did not want a drink.

So today I was taken by surprise

When a relative gave me a call.

You see he’s getting married

That is something worth celebrating

But I have spent my life celebrating

With chocolates, wine and sweet cakes


How do you plan to celebrate

When all those things are out?

Guess I will have to be creative

With dinner now tonight.

Fishing on an open dam

Wind creates ripples

Unfixed, like the sand

Paddle past the dead timber strands





Fingerlings hide in fallen timbers

Snags and logs and lifeless trunks

Safe from hopeless fishermen

Let us hope they avoid the Barramundi.

Day Three

Day Two is done

Day Three is finished

27 left

No sugar

But fruit

Perhaps I should have

Worked out what two peices were

Today I had a conference

And I avoided baked goods delicious

But no vege sticks or cheese and dip

Just scrumptious cut up fruit

Oh dear!

At least I did not partake

Of conference mints and softdrink

Not a bad effort for Day Three

Day Four dawns a new challenge.

Upon this wood

Upon this wood

Outlook over the sea

Brass plaques are attacted to thee

Memories of ones gone before

Lost at sea

Not on the shore.

30 day challenge

Medical testing coming up

Preventative for sure

But just in case

I launched a job

30 days of fitness

30 days of healthy living

85 minutes of activity

12 000 steps each day to beat

Three strength sessions over the week

A swim per week in winter cold

Limit my bread to twice a week

And carbs to twice a day

No sugar added in anything

From chocolate I will refrain

Perhaps a glass of red will suffice

And put a hold on too much fruit

Lots of fish and veges

I’ll put my chompers into

And in a month once tests are done

Hopefully the results will make me smile

But even if something is found

I will have made a good start

To being a fitter and healthier me

My 30 day challenge to then continue

The trick, as many teachers will say

Is  not the healthy living

It’s managing on restrictive chocolate

Come the next end of term time 🙂