Ghouls hiding in the light

Oh, the ghoulish souls hiding in the light,

They want the dark, they seek the dark

But in the light they find,


unable to immerse in the dark.


These ghouls of the day

they squawk, they shout.

They’d talk the iron legs off,

A pot, a cauldron you name it.


They want to keep those midnight hours,

Drifting off to sleep at dawn;

But alas their life prevents it.

Their parents demand and indeed their teachers

That they learn in the light hours of the day.


Oh those ghoulish high school children

Hiding Netflix under the bed.

The wee hours rush towards the daylight

And their night, their friendly, calm hassle less night

Leaves for the day, for the long, long day

Until they can get back to the night.

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