Inheriting Free will

An inheritance

Oft about money

At least that’s what the word conveys

But inheritance is so much more

We inherit our genes

From our mother and father

Our habits from those around us

We inherit our attitude

Our opinions

And mindset

And unless we make that concerted effort

We stick with what we have already gained.

If you are nice

Go thank those who raised you

If you are charitable

Go thank them as well

If you are nasty, malicious and bitchy

You have a choice

Do you do what you inherited?

Do you stick with how you are?

Or do you change to be who you want to be?

We inherit belongings, ideals and genetics

We also inherit free will.

5 Comments on “Inheriting Free will

    • Yep. I teach and you see the students who elect to grow to be more than their parents (in whatever form). Some need to, others just become a better version of decent folk.

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      • I hated school. It was very hard for me. I always had hope for some of the students that went there. I hope my own children take just a few of the values I try to infuse into them daily. Hopefully not just by telling but showing also.


      • School is not for everyone and certainly not the only way to be successful. I find it such a shame when others suggest school is the only way. Our children recieve the biggest amount of learning from their parents, usually without realising it.

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