It must have been the Gremlins

“I didn’t make the mess Mum,

I really did not I swear.

There’s no way I’d trail flour

Up the timber stairs.

And I certainly did not

Break the clock into three

I’d rather not admit it.

It could not possibly be me.

It must have been the Gremlins.

I saw them here at two.

Ripping up the carpet

Flinging the cat litter too.

It must have been the gremlins

Who broke the old TV,

Who shattered glasses,

And spilled the milk,

And fried up the candles too.

It really wasn’t me Mum

There was nothing I could do.

It must have been the Gremlins.”

The look my mother gave me,

It really was quite intense.

I could not ignore her eyes cutting

Way to deep into me.

I paused and sucked my breath up,

A loud and heaving sigh,

“I’ll sweep up all that litter Mum,

“I’ll do what needs to be.

I’ll restore house Mum

Just stop glaring at me.”

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