Requiem of a Thesis


Requiem of a Thesis

The Intro was a work of art.

The supervisor made it smart.

He culled the intro down to size,

He thinks that it will win a prize.


The Lit Review, he said was fine.

Wanted it longer, but I drew the line.

Referencing was a pain,

But even I could seen the gain.


The methods caused a heart attack.

Perhaps I should just up and pack.

No! perseverance is rewarded.

Let the methods be recorded.


The results were dubious.

The supervisor thought that they were the grooviest.

Hope the examiners think,

that the results don’t stink.


The discussion I have yet to write.

I’m scared that it will be a fright.

What can I do?

Why am I asking you?


Conclusion is done.

I’d lie if I said it was fun.

But the supervisor didn’t laugh

Perhaps he thought it was daft.


The thesis is now handed in.

I just want to throw it in the bin.

The examiners are marking now.

Hope it knocks them, POW



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