Teahcing is a calling

Some think careers are a profession

And some professions probably are

But there are a few that you really do

Need to have more than passion


Teaching is one that would better be called

A calling and not a profession

It’s bloody hard work

To do it quite well

In teaching you can only aim for perfection


A calling you see is not just a job

It’s a passion and caring

It’s something you must do


And teaching is something that

Takes loads of empathy

It drains and it drains

But there are massive joys


There’s the lesson content

How you deliver it

How you assess that they are learning


Then there is the assessments

The marking and grading

The reflection on lessons and units


There’s the extra curricular

Dance, Sport and drama

The clubs that us teachers organise


There’s the student councils

The fundraising for money

To be able to get new equipment


Each school has its only little quirks

So you have to learn all of these

And then implement them

And if your new you’ve got very little time to do this.


And when we call teaching a profession

We add on all the professional bits

So many hours per year of PD

So many hours to prove it


But most importantly

The main part of teaching

The most important part of all

Are the students


They all come to school

Some have emotional traumas

Some have physical ones

Some have none

But they turn up

Day after day

And learn best from their teachers

When they have connections


Teaching is something

Many people can do

It is these people that have a calling.

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