The Faceless School

One day when you walk into a school, look at those around you and look at what they do.

There is, of course, the ones we see, the teachers, Heads, and Deputies.

And the front office staff, their smiling faces greet you

The students are there, right up the front, you can’t help but notice.

It’s the ones that hide in plain sight, it’s those staff we never see.


The cleaners, the groundsmen or women, the maintenance people that spring to mind,

The teacher aides that hide out the back

The science officers slash Lab Techs, the finance gurus, the business manager

The list it seems is endless.

It’s these people that we rarely see that make the school run smoothly.

They pick up our messes, clean up our classrooms

Repair the holes in walls.

They fence off the nesting birds or the exam room

They prepare our experiments, prep the wine equipment and find the old robotics.

Never do they complain to us when us teachers slacken off

And leave the room in a big mess or forget to get equipment.

They quietly go about their jobs that help us in education

So thank you to the faceless school

We thank you for being behind us.

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