The introvert inside of me

The dread I feel at Christmas

The crowds that cannot be escaped

My introvert, so successfully hidden

Has nowhere to turn

Has nowhere to find an interlude

Of Quiet

Of Sereneness

Nowhere now is safe


This recluse inside of me

Puts up with many things

Of facing students all day long

Then facing children’s sports

It gets to the end of a long school year

And wants nothing more to hide


But then comes Christmas

Wam and Bam

Parties, functions and then the fam.

My introvert just wants to curl up and snuggle

A book, a pen and paper, a cup of tea, a good movie

Some take away and quiet time


So now I hang, two days before

The longest social function

Enforcing a quiet day of solitude

Content to be social only with myself.

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