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100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)

Day 4 Reality hit yesterday and today. Yesterday I discovered that I could not do a quad stretch. I mean, I’ve been doing quad stretches for years; I like the darned things, but when they were part of a stretching program, I could not… Continue Reading “100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)”

100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)

Day 3 I am not sure whether to be happy or not today. I planned a row but ended up walking with a companion. On the upside, the walk was definitely more challenging than usual. I have slowed down. One of my knees protested… Continue Reading “100 Days to Run 5K (Take 2)”

100 Days to Run Five K (Take 2!)

Day 1 It’s been a while.  And that is what typically happens with me.  I start up all fired up, and then something happens.  In this case, I damaged my elbow.  This shouldn’t affect my running too much, but the problem was not the… Continue Reading “100 Days to Run Five K (Take 2!)”

100 Days to 5K (Take 2)

Day 2 – Holy S*** I decided that I would be good and get up early. This is probably because I didn’t get a bout of dietary-induced insomnia last night and woke up feeling alert and able to have a conversation. Bonus! It did… Continue Reading “100 Days to 5K (Take 2)”