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89. Could have worked harder

I was pretty unhappy with my lacklustre effort for the last couple of days.  I know I exercised, but I had committed to really putting some serious effort into it.  Thus I dragged my husband up to the gym so that I could do… Continue Reading “89. Could have worked harder”

78 Big day of jobs

I started the day off, planning to get out of bed much earlier to walk when the shade was maximum and the sun not quite so vicious.  Unfortunately, the day before, I’d had an afternoon nap – I don’t plan afternoon naps, but I… Continue Reading “78 Big day of jobs”

74. Unexpectedly hard work out

I wasn’t feeling crash hot today – just tired, but I was utterly planning various short programs.  Before I started, however, yet another item we ordered from Amazon arrived.  Remember that we moved overseas and we bought 2 suitcases apiece; thus we had no… Continue Reading “74. Unexpectedly hard work out”