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Winter Beaches

I live near the golden beaches Gold Coast south and Sunshine Coast north I see these beaches all summer long Calm then stormy Clear then dark Waters change from cool to warm Relief from summer heat Sun blazes down burning sand Winter is relief… Continue Reading “Winter Beaches”

Beach imagery

Beautiful water Grey green, streaks of sand Curl up to make cylindrical waves Oh the song of pounding waves The song of rushing water Booooooom echos along the long shore break Momentarily drowning other sounds A pause, a moment, a not quite silence Then… Continue Reading “Beach imagery”

After the beach

The sand Once plastered to wet skin Should begin to fall A good brushing off, you’re almost done Oh wait, you missed a spot. And don’t forget the salt lined lips Eyebrows glued together As sun has dried the water off But NaCl doth… Continue Reading “After the beach”