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I’ve taken the plunge

I did it I’ve done What for me is an amazing thing I’ve taken the plunge I’ve submitted a blog For publishment and payment Now the wait has begun In this world of the instant I will be forced to wait Success I will… Continue Reading “I’ve taken the plunge”

Speed Blogging

I’m running out of time I’m getting really slack The shorter daylight hours Have me running out of whack. I used to wake at 4am Leaving plenty of time to blog Now it’s dark until it’s time to rise The night is such a… Continue Reading “Speed Blogging”

Hooked on Blogging

I type the poem Hit the publish And watch for numbers to rise   Oh no! It’s been like 2 minutes And no one’s read my poem   Oh no! I checked the Facebook Read three posts Must go back and check   Oh… Continue Reading “Hooked on Blogging”