Tag: Christmas

Daily Prompt: Cherish

The traditions that I cherish They’ve changed in recent years And there is no way to go backwards And there is something that I fear I’ve loved and lost And lost again Such is the journey through life But what if the world was… Continue Reading “Daily Prompt: Cherish”

The introvert inside of me

The dread I feel at Christmas The crowds that cannot be escaped My introvert, so successfully hidden Has nowhere to turn Has nowhere to find an interlude Of Quiet Of Sereneness Nowhere now is safe   This recluse inside of me Puts up with… Continue Reading “The introvert inside of me”

Daily Prompt: Miraculous

Miraculous is quite a word It does inspire the views of miracles And a miracle is coming up to us Creaping, seeping and incideous It is the one that says spend your money. “Give every one you know A gift, then food and now… Continue Reading “Daily Prompt: Miraculous”

Jolly old St Nicholas

Jolly old St Nicholas But was he actually I have known many Men Grumpy bastards every one But underneath their grumpy heads A heart of gold does lie Just do not mention all the kind and selfless things they did. Do not mention the… Continue Reading “Jolly old St Nicholas”