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The door to education

The door to education is not that hard to find. Thousands of people daily Stand waiting there to guide. So why is it that some ignore it, And some struggle to acquire Then there are the ones That formal education is against. The keepers… Continue Reading “The door to education”

A packed lunch required

I like to go out driving In what Australian’s call a forest It’s scragy and it’s scruffy Clumped grass and stringy barks. Our forest is on a dam edge And some mornings it looks quite nice But in the heat of an Australian summer… Continue Reading “A packed lunch required”

A path off your track

Life is an exploration Waiting for us each day There’s something as simple as the weather To as changing as the day You might think you have it all mapped out What road you are going to take But wham you are side swiped… Continue Reading “A path off your track”

Much like life

Meander is to take some turns Gentle and winding ones, Paths that take you through the woods And to the rocky outposts, Sometime up undulations Sometimes climbing mountains. The point about meandering Is the outcome is the unknown Much like the life We meander… Continue Reading “Much like life”

A typical day

Each day the same No variety to me I rise Get dressed Complete the routine Arrive at work Smile in place And greet each person At the new day. Each day and every Start like this From there, It’s typically chaos No show for… Continue Reading “A typical day”

Our box of emotions

The mind is not an ordered place Even though some parts are There is that box that’s called emotion Anger, love, Fear and Joy are often not so tidy. The logic part is mathematics It’s order is delightful And them it comes to pesky… Continue Reading “Our box of emotions”

Above us there is only sky

Above us there is only sky Where is it that we go when we die? Do we really know? We talk of up and down below Out of the nest, souls throw And some must travel And some must rest Here with us, I’ve… Continue Reading “Above us there is only sky”

Imagination is my play

Imagination should be easy To post about today Afterall I am a writer Imagination is my play But how do you break down this word That allows the mind to fly Invent new worlds and recreate The worlds that have gone before How can… Continue Reading “Imagination is my play”


Collections of mould Congregate on ceilings In a humid subtropical summer   Collections of dust Congregate under sofas Waiting and plotting To destroy the vacuum   Collections of weeds Wave their victory Congregating in an unkept garden   Collections gather Amass and acquire Hiding… Continue Reading “Collections”


Astral is about the stars How I wonder where we are? What is our position in the stars? Is there other life out there? Would we recognise it if we stare? How many planets do exist? Does our Ego make us miss Opportunities for… Continue Reading “Questions”