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Inheriting Free will

A poem about how we can choose how we behave. Inheriting Free will via Daily Prompt: Inheritance


Theories abound on just about anything I have a theory about even that The second gulf war was a response to a Stargate The Beatles never existed (But where did all the music come from?) The world is flat once again There is a…

A case study of perfection

Elegance – A state of being And thus not just related To human beings I have seen elegant and stately dogs And oh so many elegant and arrogant cats These creatures of elegance Human and otherwise Hold themselves in a manner That betrays no…

Jolly old St Nicholas

Jolly old St Nicholas But was he actually I have known many Men Grumpy bastards every one But underneath their grumpy heads A heart of gold does lie Just do not mention all the kind and selfless things they did. Do not mention the…

Degrees of Knowing

I have degrees of knowing Sometimes I know a lot Sometimes I know nothing And sometimes it’s in between