Tag: Death

Death of the young

The world is down right crazy And death of the young – so sensless This week a young man died His life so full of promise A freak acident took his life Leaving us all so devastated. He was what I call a “Good… Continue Reading “Death of the young”

Never forgotten

“Gone but not forgotten” Such an annoying phrase Anyone who has ever lost Goes through it again and again. Of course you are not forgotten Remembered every day Unsuspecting memories cause Such a lot of pain. You go to make a phone call And… Continue Reading “Never forgotten”

Dying wave

Light trapped in the ripples Of a retreating wave Shadows form and shift Down the sand again Little speaks of sea foam Clink to the surface fast But this wave, it is dying Seconds only left to last.

Above us there is only sky

Above us there is only sky Where is it that we go when we die? Do we really know? We talk of up and down below Out of the nest, souls throw And some must travel And some must rest Here with us, I’ve… Continue Reading “Above us there is only sky”

Different Places

Why do photos make me sad When the person has moved on Many people look at them Good memories flood And smiles begin   Me, I get a slight small smile And then a tear forms in my eye For I will never see… Continue Reading “Different Places”