Tag: Desert


Warm pavement Cold shadows Hot sun Desert Cool breezes Crisp skies Bright light Desert Clustered flowers Graceful grass stalks Bougainvilleas Desert Gorgeous sunsets Pale pink moonrise Soft dawn Desert Chirping birds Silent insects Leaping Lizards Desert Camels, cows Horses too Dingos, rats And mice… Continue Reading “Desert”

You just don’t hear the wind

In the desert, You smell rain so clear, See colors so bright, Taste dust so thick Feel heat so hot You just, Don’t hear the wind   You just, Don’t hear the wind   It’s there, you know it And mostly you feel it… Continue Reading “You just don’t hear the wind”

Outside the Gorge

The Chasm deep and dark The coolness hidden in it’s depths Tries in vain to equalise From the heat outside the Gorge   A footstep echos on stony bottom A drip and algae A fern clings to fragile existance Hiding from the desert outside… Continue Reading “Outside the Gorge”