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The door to education

The door to education is not that hard to find. Thousands of people daily Stand waiting there to guide. So why is it that some ignore it, And some struggle to acquire Then there are the ones That formal education is against. The keepers… Continue Reading “The door to education”

Unseen side of Education

There is an unseen side to Education Hidden up the back of schools Teachers work way past hard In this location Needy, needy children there. It is not the fault of those children Not the fault of anyone   Our special ed students are… Continue Reading “Unseen side of Education”

Better off Working

Sometimes you come across a kid Gangly, long haired and somewhat off kilter We’ve placed this otherwise normal human In, what for some, resembles antiquation. This child, by mid teens is in an adult body With adult wants and adult games. They want the… Continue Reading “Better off Working”

Enrolling in Education

I will never fully understand The privilage it is to enroll To enlist, to subscribe To participate in the education That I have obtained. In my life it is expected To do your very best To succeed in education, It’s there, Just waiting. I… Continue Reading “Enrolling in Education”

Left in the Cracks

There is a sad state of affairs And it concerns our children That the quiet ones get forgotten These kids get left in the cracks The noisy ones get noticed The noisy ones get help The noisy ones, squeak the wheel Their problems in… Continue Reading “Left in the Cracks”