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Scruffy Pizza

One exhausting Friday night We succumbed to take out. And as we waited our turn in line The fish shop was invaded. A father with three under four Was valiantly entertaining and educating His young mob. He’d mastered the art of distraction Taught numeracy… Continue Reading “Scruffy Pizza”


We have this thing in Aus, This thing that we call Nippers And every Sunday for 6 months The beaches are crowded Aged from ankle biting To teenage sauve and sophisticated These fluro pink vested kids Jump up and run for Flags They sprint… Continue Reading “Nippers”


The morning dawns The birds awake Holidays No other sound to make The kids are blissfully tuckered out The house is content in cleaniless For me, My brain says time to rise This means today I have the luxury Of an early morning exercise.

Dreams in my head

I’ve got dreams in my head As I’m laying in my bed And it’s feeling quite frustrating; Yet the dreams are quite elating. I want to work with wood; And I’ve projects that I could. But there are life chores to be done; And… Continue Reading “Dreams in my head”

The daily hug

“Have you hugged your child today?” A billboard sign was posted. My mother took that board to heart A family line was toasted. Each day, each morning, each afternoon A hug was freely given. Now my day does not start true Until I hug… Continue Reading “The daily hug”


I have a visitor today I really do feel quite sorry For busy is a busy does And we can’t be more busy than today. We’ve study, shopping, picking up kids Cooking, baking and back to school Exams are coming up for the students… Continue Reading “Visitors”


An old woman lies waiting Waiting for death Her mind gone before her Her body is left. She functions each day Repetition gets her through She repeats each cycle There is naught left to do. Eventually her body Will catch up with her mind… Continue Reading “Nanna”

My Mum

Mothers are amazing They really are quite great That is of course if you are lucky To get one that makes fine cakes. My mother used to bake And decorate each year One cake for each of us four A birthday cake most dear… Continue Reading “My Mum”

Weekend Morns

The light peeps through a crack in the curtain Soft grey to bight sunlight The birds increase in pace and chorus The traffic gently builds A weekend morning, restful peaceful Reading novels in my bed And then comes the sound of padding feet And… Continue Reading “Weekend Morns”

Unable to help

Unfortunately One child Lost System unable To help. Parent Too wrapped In their Own Grief Own pain Unable Unable Unable Parenting Optional Personal Choice For some   For me Parenting not an option Parenting has to be done I am parent first Self after… Continue Reading “Unable to help”