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Never forgotten

“Gone but not forgotten” Such an annoying phrase Anyone who has ever lost Goes through it again and again. Of course you are not forgotten Remembered every day Unsuspecting memories cause Such a lot of pain. You go to make a phone call And… Continue Reading “Never forgotten”


Upon this wood

Upon this wood Outlook over the sea Brass plaques are attacted to thee Memories of ones gone before Lost at sea Not on the shore.

Different Places

Why do photos make me sad When the person has moved on Many people look at them Good memories flood And smiles begin   Me, I get a slight small smile And then a tear forms in my eye For I will never see… Continue Reading “Different Places”

Christmas without you

This is a poem of rememberance for everyone who has lost someone (which pretty much makes that everyone) and Christmas. Christmas without you


A very close relative, overseas, had to have emergency surgury. There was nothing I could do from Aus except wait. Something that I am not very good at

Tears Falling

At some stage in our lives we experience grief. When there was a person to grieve it is more understandable. When it is a result of a miscarriage, there is almost a stigma about it.  “Shake yourself off and move on,”  for many of… Continue Reading “Tears Falling”

Clutching at straws

This is about how sometimes we hold on for too long. Clutching at straws via Daily Prompt: Clutch