Tag: growing up

Where did the years go

Offen do I wonder Where do the days go Time passes mysteriously Suddenly your baby is fifteen years old It wasn’t like you missed it You saw them every day You gave them hugs and tucked them in You laughed away your days But… Continue Reading “Where did the years go”

Childlike Innocence

There is much in this world we despise Innocence in an adult is one We want to stamp out that creative spark Those winsome characteristics of child As children get older we start with the rules Reading, writing and arithmetic Slowly we bleed their… Continue Reading “Childlike Innocence”

Amber and the town of Bright 2

Amber continues the slow task of making her new renovators delight liveable. ¬†She is starting to discover that people can be friendly and whilst the start of the story has a bit of a slow pace, hang in there because things heat up in… Continue Reading “Amber and the town of Bright 2”