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59. Intentional arm work out

Still raining in good old Louisiana, on the bright side, the temperature is pleasant (even if it is ridiculously muggy for these temps).  In Brisbane, Australia, we would have the same daytime temperature but it would be dry at this time of the year. … Continue Reading “59. Intentional arm work out”

55. Back at it

I decided that I would walk at least 4km (roughly 2.5 miles) around the complex today.  The actual target would be to walk for an hour, however, storms were predicted and the weather didn’t look so great for staying rain-free. Consequently, I had 2… Continue Reading “55. Back at it”

54. Plans fell through

I wanted to walk somewhere different today and I found a local park that we could have done 2 miles in.  Unfortunately, when I dragged my reluctant walking companion out – we couldn’t find the park.  Things are not well signposted here.  Also, remember… Continue Reading “54. Plans fell through”

53. Swamp visit

Day 53 – a tour of a basin swamp today complete with a mini animal rescue centre

52. Touring the botanical gardens

Day 52 Flower day – I walked through a small botanical gardents. It was very different to what I am used to back home.