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Amber and the Town of Bright 7

Sorry for such a long delay in installments.  At this time of year there are so many extra things to get done.  Regardless, Amber is about to finish up and get back to work.  She’s starting to realise that she is acquiring friends, but… Continue Reading “Amber and the Town of Bright 7”

Amber and the town of Bright 6

Welcome to the next installment. Amber has been working hard, but she has to get back to work soon and she has a ton of books to remove from her hoarders haven. So far help has been thrust on her. Will she grow as… Continue Reading “Amber and the town of Bright 6”

Amber and the town of Bright 5

Amber continues to delve into the place that is her house, dealing with unannounced local elderly, a swearing teenager and a man who quizes her about her intentions.  I hope you enjoy Amber and the town of Bright 5