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I have a visitor today I really do feel quite sorry For busy is a busy does And we can’t be more busy than today. We’ve study, shopping, picking up kids Cooking, baking and back to school Exams are coming up for the students… Continue Reading “Visitors”

The Funnel

A funnel is a useful thing It guides a liquid right in But into what, we only think we know And sometimes liquids move quite slow. If you want to funnel thought For most it won’t be for nought I suggest for some you… Continue Reading “The Funnel”

The conversation in my head

The daily conversation Starts a little like this “Agh I got to get out of bed.” Then it proceeds to clutter my head Thousands of threads Vying for attention Pushing one another “Do this…” “Say that…” “But I want to…” “But I have to…”… Continue Reading “The conversation in my head”

Almost but not quite done

Almost speaks to me As someone who is almost there As someone who is almost done As someone who has almost seen the sun. Almost speaks to me   I have a life full of almosts that I seek to end But I sometimes… Continue Reading “Almost but not quite done”


This was meant to be about the Daily prompt of “Communal” but these are the words that came out. ¬†Merry Christmas everyone.   I have a secret It’s hidden well I’d like to share But not to dwell   For hidden deep Inside my… Continue Reading “Gossip”