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Hands off these little beauties

Hands off these little beauties I’m rather well endowed. They used to enjoy just hanging loose But age has not been kind. Hands off these little beauties They do not like being poked and prodded, The cold gel of ultrasound, Hands off these little… Continue Reading “Hands off these little beauties”

Probably should have

I started to exercise today – I truly did I tried to put on my runners – they ran away I tried for my sports bra – the stitching undid I tried for the pants – the stitching unraveled I now have a skirt.… Continue Reading “Probably should have”

The Carolina Reaper

Sometimes a day of teaching Is heart wrenching or worse And sometimes the job of teaching Really has it’s perks   A group of lads and lasses, and everyone inbetween Decided on a challenge Eating chillies so it seemed. They did not decide on… Continue Reading “The Carolina Reaper”

Marry Juana

I supervised a class today They were such delightful students. All had smiles and welcome grins All had some correct equipment.   We started off our lesson fine Some writing, they had to do We then discussed the topic Good decision making.   “You… Continue Reading “Marry Juana”

My own little erupting volcano

Teaching in a science Lab Earth Science is not that exciting. How can you demonstrate Volcanic eruptions and plate tectontics? Our Scientific Officer found an exciting prac Settle some cold wax In the bottom of a beaker Layer it with sand and water And… Continue Reading “My own little erupting volcano”

Peace and quiet?

We are a family of kayakers Or yakers if you are in the know And one of our favourite activities Is to get into the yaks and go Fishing Now I am sure this sounds quite restful As it really really should be We… Continue Reading “Peace and quiet?”

Talking too much!

Parent teacher interviews Drive fear into my heart I have to work all day Then at night the true work starts   I prep and plan and find kids work I print out my appointment list I fill up on trusty H20 To lubricate… Continue Reading “Talking too much!”

An almost requiem

I love my failing laptops The keys are placed just right The space bar has a dint in it I guess I use it too much each night I love the keypad to the side The screen size is about perfect It’s just a… Continue Reading “An almost requiem”


Sugar is a deadly sin And something I’m quite fond of If only I could restrict myself All things in moderation Alas this Easter Was not kind Chocolate, lollies and more chocolate I watched the numbers on the scales Climb All gains I made… Continue Reading “Chocolates”

Ode to the Edit

Where do you use a comma? How are speech marks done? What about when someone thinks Their own thoughts to themselves? Perhaps sleeping in English All those many years ago Was not the wisest thing to do How I wish now, it was not… Continue Reading “Ode to the Edit”