Tag: incidental exercise

98. Incidental exercise

Today contained plenty of incidental wandering around doing various chores.   We parked further away from our destination to incorporate more exercise. I did some stretching whilst I waited in line.  For you Australians out there, imagine the lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles… Continue Reading “98. Incidental exercise”

60. Bad Mental health day

Today did not start out too well.  I made the mistake of starting to read first up in the morning.  Historically this triggers a day of reading and doing nothing much.  I finished the book and decided it was too late to walk and… Continue Reading “60. Bad Mental health day”

56. Furniture day

I purposely did not go for a morning walk.  Our table and chairs were arriving sometime today and I decided that I would be at home all day.  This didn’t work out well for me exercise wise.  We had a mother of a storm… Continue Reading “56. Furniture day”