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Scatty vs ADHD

My brain flits there My brain flits here My brain travels to another thought I’ll start one thing And before I know it I’ve moved on to do another. I cannot seem to focus The world is much to bright A movie to watch… Continue Reading “Scatty vs ADHD”

World on Repeat

Rush Hush Rush Hush Rush Hush B r e a t h e Stop Collect And Repeat Rush Hush Rush Hush Rush Hush B r e a t h e The world repeats In fin ite ly


A song once sung “Head West” proclaimed But what would we find there. I headed west Into a desert Sheoaks and spinifex lived there But not all wests give the same And one day I went bushwalking West Endless vistas of mountain ranges A… Continue Reading “West”


The morning dawns The birds awake Holidays No other sound to make The kids are blissfully tuckered out The house is content in cleaniless For me, My brain says time to rise This means today I have the luxury Of an early morning exercise.

Celebrating healthy?

I simply cannot remember How many days I am into my health kick I am not yet in the double digits I am, somewhere, I hope past the sixth. Perhaps it is my seventh day And things are going surprisingly well We had the… Continue Reading “Celebrating healthy?”

Upon this wood

Upon this wood Outlook over the sea Brass plaques are attacted to thee Memories of ones gone before Lost at sea Not on the shore.

Friday afternoons

I come home feeling satisfied, A week of work is done. Students are educated My mind is feeling sated, Tired and exhausted Yet I enter the house feeling cautious Has the kitchen been cleaned Has the washing been done Will I have to spend… Continue Reading “Friday afternoons”


A wander up the beach one day Releaved a lonely scene A partly eroded shell Upon the beach for all to see. Is this shell lonely? Or is it happily, Having some alone time Content to simply be?

Too many things

Life should be immortal for all For how do we fit all those things That we want to do Trips we want to take And live our life to be better  

Weekend Blues

I’m busy night and day Five days of the long working week I teach, plan, mark co-ordinate Ring parents, visit students and ocasionally get to grade. I walk steps on the counter That number close to 10 000 I cart packs and smile Greeting… Continue Reading “Weekend Blues”