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We talk so much about entitled Our entitled youth, No need to work, No need to learn, Life is a smorgasboard of offers. There is choice in what they study There is choice in if they work Each night and morn there is food… Continue Reading “Entitled”


I have a visitor today I really do feel quite sorry For busy is a busy does And we can’t be more busy than today. We’ve study, shopping, picking up kids Cooking, baking and back to school Exams are coming up for the students… Continue Reading “Visitors”


An old woman lies waiting Waiting for death Her mind gone before her Her body is left. She functions each day Repetition gets her through She repeats each cycle There is naught left to do. Eventually her body Will catch up with her mind… Continue Reading “Nanna”

What to do!

My world is in a state of flux Sideswiped by opportunity. An unforseen job came up It stole my unwavering certainty So now I wonder what to do? Do I stay or go or make the most of the two? How do I work… Continue Reading “What to do!”

Much like life

Meander is to take some turns Gentle and winding ones, Paths that take you through the woods And to the rocky outposts, Sometime up undulations Sometimes climbing mountains. The point about meandering Is the outcome is the unknown Much like the life We meander… Continue Reading “Much like life”