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Day 8

Day 8 has come Day 8 has gone And just the slightest craving Icecream I wanted Icecream I drooled I was very good I simply distanced myself. Those windows I have Looked out of for weeks Needed a wash clean. One craving now abated.… Continue Reading “Day 8”

Celebrating healthy?

I simply cannot remember How many days I am into my health kick I am not yet in the double digits I am, somewhere, I hope past the sixth. Perhaps it is my seventh day And things are going surprisingly well We had the… Continue Reading “Celebrating healthy?”

Day Three

Day Two is done Day Three is finished 27 left No sugar But fruit Perhaps I should have Worked out what two peices were Today I had a conference And I avoided baked goods delicious But no vege sticks or cheese and dip Just… Continue Reading “Day Three”