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86. Pausing

Did you ever need a day where you just needed to pause?  A day where your mind just needs to stop, to process something?  That day was me today.  I tried to find the will to exercise, but my mind was in another spot. … Continue Reading “86. Pausing”

60. Bad Mental health day

Today did not start out too well.  I made the mistake of starting to read first up in the morning.  Historically this triggers a day of reading and doing nothing much.  I finished the book and decided it was too late to walk and… Continue Reading “60. Bad Mental health day”

50. Success

50. Exercise is quite a powerful tool for changing mindset.

13 – 16 Nothing days

Days 13 to 16 were not impressive on the exercise count.

I am lost

I am lost A woman A child A wife A mother How do I find me? How do I know? Who am I? Where am I? I am lost I try to find I hunt in the corners Deep in the cracks Trying to… Continue Reading “I am lost”