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Beach imagery

Beautiful water Grey green, streaks of sand Curl up to make cylindrical waves Oh the song of pounding waves The song of rushing water Booooooom echos along the long shore break Momentarily drowning other sounds A pause, a moment, a not quite silence Then… Continue Reading “Beach imagery”

Nature is true brilliance

Brilliant creates a funny vision I see sunsets, apriot, orange and pink I see vivid colours that shine bright I see amazing artwork I could never do And then when I see through all that I see the simple every day things A sunrise… Continue Reading “Nature is true brilliance”

Curlew, Screaming Lady

Curlew Cry, Screaming Lady How do you confuse the two If you know the curlew Cry You know it’s not the screaming Lady But For those who don’t Fear strikes deep Heart rushes Eyes open Where to launch the rescue “Don’t be silly,” A… Continue Reading “Curlew, Screaming Lady”