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Dreams in my head

I’ve got dreams in my head As I’m laying in my bed And it’s feeling quite frustrating; Yet the dreams are quite elating. I want to work with wood; And I’ve projects that I could. But there are life chores to be done; And… Continue Reading “Dreams in my head”

How often

How often do we stop And think about the fam? How often do we stop And play? How often do we stop And laugh out loud together? How often do we stop And spend the day in fun? How often do we stop And… Continue Reading “How often”

The almost adults

We are born We grow We die This is life These three tenants are not in our control As a parent I struggle hard To maximise the life of my children To provide opportunites Learnings, experiences To provide roll models Examples and positives To… Continue Reading “The almost adults”

That’ll Do

Screaming Baby Fed, burped, nappy No clue Give a cuddle That’ll do!   Grizzly Baby Have you played Had a bath, done a poo Change your nappy That’ll Do!   Sleepy baby Won’t close her eyes No Idea Leave to cry That’ll do!  … Continue Reading “That’ll Do”