Tag: Poetry

Scatty vs ADHD

My brain flits there My brain flits here My brain travels to another thought I’ll start one thing And before I know it I’ve moved on to do another. I cannot seem to focus The world is much to bright A movie to watch… Continue Reading “Scatty vs ADHD”

Updating the family tree

My mother was a legend She did not get distracted She researched all the families And created the family tree. When she was sick and dying She got a promise from thee To keep on researching The rather large family tree, Some years have… Continue Reading “Updating the family tree”


A song once sung “Head West” proclaimed But what would we find there. I headed west Into a desert Sheoaks and spinifex lived there But not all wests give the same And one day I went bushwalking West Endless vistas of mountain ranges A… Continue Reading “West”

Day 10

Day 10 was not so good But I did not stray too far A small slice of apple pie A bit of custard Now I have to say of apple pie The fruit was way too sweet And custard, I did not get much… Continue Reading “Day 10”

Upon this wood

Upon this wood Outlook over the sea Brass plaques are attacted to thee Memories of ones gone before Lost at sea Not on the shore.