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Daily Prompt: Nest

Magpie A poem about the hazzards of nesting season in Australia. via Daily Prompt: Nest

After the storm

I was walking along the beach after a storm and was delitghted to find some amazing ocean life (see the picture above). ¬†Walking along the same beach a few weeks later and inspiration hit. After the storm  

The perfect day to say Goodbye

Please enjoy my latest poem about final farewells, writen the day my grandfather past away. The perfect day to say Goodbye

Night time closing

Please enjoy a poem written several years ago when I lived in an incredible location where the veiws allowed you to see the night moving across the sky, lazily chasing the day time.   Night time closing

I Prefer –

via Daily Prompt: Prefer¬† A poem about my preferences (for the moment – they do tend to change) I prefer