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A wander up the beach one day Releaved a lonely scene A partly eroded shell Upon the beach for all to see. Is this shell lonely? Or is it happily, Having some alone time Content to simply be?

Too many things

Life should be immortal for all For how do we fit all those things That we want to do Trips we want to take And live our life to be better  

Weekend Blues

I’m busy night and day Five days of the long working week I teach, plan, mark co-ordinate Ring parents, visit students and ocasionally get to grade. I walk steps on the counter That number close to 10 000 I cart packs and smile Greeting… Continue Reading “Weekend Blues”

The Surprise

My aunt, she is a gardener Her green fingers are extraordinary She gave me this dreary plant Long leafed and quite ordinary There was nothing that exciting About the lanky plant in basket Until I opened up the door one day And my mind… Continue Reading “The Surprise”

The daily hug

“Have you hugged your child today?” A billboard sign was posted. My mother took that board to heart A family line was toasted. Each day, each morning, each afternoon A hug was freely given. Now my day does not start true Until I hug… Continue Reading “The daily hug”


249 or so Poems I have self published I no longer use the daily prompts My mornings are too busy So now I find a block of time And tap away at the keyboard. Dreary days work the best For poetry to flow from… Continue Reading “Ideas”

I’ve taken the plunge

I did it I’ve done What for me is an amazing thing I’ve taken the plunge I’ve submitted a blog For publishment and payment Now the wait has begun In this world of the instant I will be forced to wait Success I will… Continue Reading “I’ve taken the plunge”

Is that bone?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy It really is unbelievable Everyone is going well No broken bones to speak of The house is reasonably tidy The washing is almost done The dinner has been planned and prepped The afternoon is rolling on. “Hey Mum,”… Continue Reading “Is that bone?”

Bank Balance

It’s a dreary sort of day A bird chirps in a tree A car drives up the road And I wish I could be free. Life feels like a prison With every day the same, I do not forfil my dreams Instead I follow… Continue Reading “Bank Balance”

The lure of stone and wood

Nature, at it’s best Created stone and wood Two completely different items Yet similar patterns, there is no doubt. Waves of lines Bedding planes Versus Growth rings And wood grains Mimicking each other Colours in light to dark The beauty of our natural world… Continue Reading “The lure of stone and wood”