Tag: Poetry

A writer’s love

Grammerly, a writer’s love I love the tool I am such a grammer fool What would we do without these loves These spelling checkers and comma doves I use the beast and hope it’s right I do not know ; vs , I do… Continue Reading “A writer’s love”

Putting up a fight

A hazy cloudy afternoon The eyes are drooping It’ll be bedtime, not a moment too soon. Children playing A world awaits The mind explodes Or the eyes close A quiet spot A laptop plugged in An open WORD document Just waiting to begin The… Continue Reading “Putting up a fight”

Endless questions

I am often asking questions And I think the reason why Is so many parts of life Just seem to pass me by. If the world was just about numbers So much more I would understand If there were less variants in emotions I’d… Continue Reading “Endless questions”

On Dust monsters

I lay down on the bed one day A lovely winter weekend And took the opportunity Just lay and let the world wash by But much to my housewifely horror The fan blades I did notice And a year’s worth of collected dust Hung… Continue Reading “On Dust monsters”

An unexpected fork

I now work in SEU Special Education Unit I am surprised to find myself Immersed in this type of education A student teacher I once was My career path quite predictive A few years as a classroom grunt Then launched into Head of Department… Continue Reading “An unexpected fork”

Communing with my classroom

Schools are such busy places Even before the kids arrive Teachers must prep and plan Teachers must socialise The greet “Good Morn” The forgotten changes of plan The unexpected fire drills The student found dramas The failing IT Schools are such busy places to… Continue Reading “Communing with my classroom”

Dark Dawn Hours

The mornings are getting darker now I really don’t want to wake; In the dark dawn hours I much prefer to sleep. Alas there is this thing called work It is not based on sunshine. The school bell rings at 8:30am I have to… Continue Reading “Dark Dawn Hours”

Talking too much!

Parent teacher interviews Drive fear into my heart I have to work all day Then at night the true work starts   I prep and plan and find kids work I print out my appointment list I fill up on trusty H20 To lubricate… Continue Reading “Talking too much!”


We talk so much about entitled Our entitled youth, No need to work, No need to learn, Life is a smorgasboard of offers. There is choice in what they study There is choice in if they work Each night and morn there is food… Continue Reading “Entitled”

The power of good music

A jaunty tune lifts the mood from glum and sad to fun. A mellow sound a slice of Jazz Brass sounds bright Sax played right. The tinkle of a picollo The sound of ivory playing A happy little triangle A snare softly snaring The… Continue Reading “The power of good music”