Tag: poverty

Sadness settles in

The day is cool Jumpers warm I cannot afford the heater The night grows tired As do I Yet I cannot afford a dinner The bank balance is on empty Seven days til I get paid Not enough money to pay the bills I… Continue Reading “Sadness settles in”

The silent child

He sits in the middle And doesn’t say a word A shrug – his answer to every question. He sits in the middle And hides from the world Slumped shoulders – not wishing to be seen. He sits in the middle No life signs… Continue Reading “The silent child”

Enrolling in Education

I will never fully understand The privilage it is to enroll To enlist, to subscribe To participate in the education That I have obtained. In my life it is expected To do your very best To succeed in education, It’s there, Just waiting. I… Continue Reading “Enrolling in Education”