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Differently wired brains

I’m back to teaching And it really sucks But not because of the workload   The kids as usual Are awesome and fun I really love being in the classroom   But the sad and true facts Are I am teaching Young teenagers Who… Continue Reading “Differently wired brains”

Going back to school

The word today forlorn, And oh how appropriate For indeed, with tireness in my eyes And a never ending list Forlorn is what I feel.   Now at the end of the long holidays The list is just going to get longer Extra little… Continue Reading “Going back to school”

What about the teachers?

I work with and have worked with some of the most amazing people I have ever met as a teacher.  I love the dedication and passion they have for their jobs and I admire the ones who have a good work life balance as… Continue Reading “What about the teachers?”

First days of teaching

This is a reflection of some of the stupid things I did as an innocent teacher who had no idea about the backgrounds of the students I was about to teach.  I learnt so much, mostly about how amazingly lucky I was.    Enjoy… Continue Reading “First days of teaching”

A student again

The pot sits on the shove, the flames likcking it’s bottom. It blackens up and heats and stews Arguments are not forgotten. As the day heats, so too the pot. Injustices are percieved. You said hello, or so you thought, “How’s your day?” as… Continue Reading “A student again”