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Not too late?

I am always surprised at what hurtful things friends can say to each other. This poem is unfortunately inspirted by more than one group of teenagers that I have taught.

The puzzle of life

Puzzled is as puzzled does I am quite frequently puzzled. Why do some act that way, Creating a permanent quest for understanding. I have a student, he’s a really great kid But he has some humongous struggles. He fights each day just to live… Continue Reading “The puzzle of life”

Evolution of a teacher

I stand, timid In front of class My first lesson, A teacher. I stand, breathe deep And my voice speaks   I stand, nerves rioting In front of school My first assembly, A presenter. I stand, grip lecture And my voice does not quake.… Continue Reading “Evolution of a teacher”

The art of Candid

Candid is about honesty, Bluntness and open frankness These things that I am none of Now this presents it’s problems In Partent teacher inteviews And phonecalls to said parents As I find myself too often Glossing over the “I owe yous” The fact that… Continue Reading “The art of Candid”

Prep work on Holidays

Oh I am sad I am sad today For I get to start my school prep proper Yesterday was the start of it A novel I had to read. Shameful the way I enjoyed it Today, however, it’s not so fun Today my work… Continue Reading “Prep work on Holidays”