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Which ones will fade

My students sometimes fade from existance My mind a swirling black hole And I assume that the same occurs to them Another teacher, years later, unremembered, unremarked. But each student I teach touches me In ways I cannot explain The quiet of the McA’s… Continue Reading “Which ones will fade”

too scared to live

I do not know what you hide You only show so much I can tell you are troubled I can tell you reasons why Did your mother hit you this morning? Did you actually have food at home? Did your father take your medicine… Continue Reading “too scared to live”

New Attitude

I need a new attitude To the work I do It’s tiring and intense It drains you to the core Exhaustion seeps through every pore. On a great day I love it The victories make me roar These big moments So few and far… Continue Reading “New Attitude”

Seven days

I am released at 2:30pm From the daily grind. Friday is the most exhausting Faces faced – two straight lines. Filed into class today Sat in allocated seating They looked at books, and wall and chairs Threw some sticks around And when they finally… Continue Reading “Seven days”

End of a school year

It’s rocking on to end of year We’re all getting a little tired The aches and pains are catching up The marking pile grows higher The last competition of the year Awards nights, arts, sports and academic The year 12 students are almost out… Continue Reading “End of a school year”

Writing job applications

As a graduating uni student I, of course, wrote quite a few I got very good at them And shouting my own trumpet. I found a glass of wine would help But certainly not over two. Roll through the years And roll on some… Continue Reading “Writing job applications”

My own little erupting volcano

Teaching in a science Lab Earth Science is not that exciting. How can you demonstrate Volcanic eruptions and plate tectontics? Our Scientific Officer found an exciting prac Settle some cold wax In the bottom of a beaker Layer it with sand and water And… Continue Reading “My own little erupting volcano”

An unexpected fork

I now work in SEU Special Education Unit I am surprised to find myself Immersed in this type of education A student teacher I once was My career path quite predictive A few years as a classroom grunt Then launched into Head of Department… Continue Reading “An unexpected fork”

Communing with my classroom

Schools are such busy places Even before the kids arrive Teachers must prep and plan Teachers must socialise The greet “Good Morn” The forgotten changes of plan The unexpected fire drills The student found dramas The failing IT Schools are such busy places to… Continue Reading “Communing with my classroom”

Talking too much!

Parent teacher interviews Drive fear into my heart I have to work all day Then at night the true work starts   I prep and plan and find kids work I print out my appointment list I fill up on trusty H20 To lubricate… Continue Reading “Talking too much!”