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98. Incidental exercise

Today contained plenty of incidental wandering around doing various chores.   We parked further away from our destination to incorporate more exercise. I did some stretching whilst I waited in line.  For you Australians out there, imagine the lines at the Department of Motor Vehicles… Continue Reading “98. Incidental exercise”

97. The Lousiana State Capital

Yeah – tourist days.  These just happen to be my favourite days ever.  Unfortunately, the weather in summer is rather rainy. So trying to find a suitable day that is also a day off is difficult.  Today was that day.  We slept late and… Continue Reading “97. The Lousiana State Capital”

96.Lots of crunches

Today was an odd day, exercise-wise.  I did plenty of exercises; however, I completed this in an unusual manner.  Firstly, the powers at be were testing the fire systems, so I got a huge fright when one of the alarms sounded.  No one is… Continue Reading “96.Lots of crunches”

95. A beautiful sunny morning

The plan today was to head up to the gym and do my aborted weights session of yesterday.  However, when I looked outside, the sun was shining, and the temperature was in the low 20’s (that’s celsius – so quite pleasant).  I ignored the… Continue Reading “95. A beautiful sunny morning”

94. Oops

I started out the day with great intentions.  An arm workout was on the agenda, and I felt great.  I was all set to jump up and go and realised it was pounding down with rain.  In Australia, where I lived, we don’t have… Continue Reading “94. Oops”