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100 Days to run 5Km (take 2)

Day 19 I rowed today.  Did a quick 1 mile in just over 15 minutes.  This may be slow to some, but not to me, not at the moment.  My back felt it afterwards. Day 20 I had a rest day today. Day 21… Continue Reading “100 Days to run 5Km (take 2)”

100 Days to 5K (Take 2)

Day 2 – Holy S*** I decided that I would be good and get up early. This is probably because I didn’t get a bout of dietary-induced insomnia last night and woke up feeling alert and able to have a conversation. Bonus! It did… Continue Reading “100 Days to 5K (Take 2)”

The new Fit Me! – Running 5 Kms

Day 12 Yesterday was an unintended rest day.  I don’t actually mind; I plan for a rest day a week.  The weather was unappealing.  Pretty poor excuse, I mean I could have gotten on the rower, but I didn’t. Today, the weather was nicer,… Continue Reading “The new Fit Me! – Running 5 Kms”

The New Fit Me! – Running 5km

Day 10 I had every intention of running on the treadmill this morning.  The complex I live in comes with a gym.  It’s a little better than basic, but it works for me.  One reason I wanted to run on the treadmill is because… Continue Reading “The New Fit Me! – Running 5km”

The New Fit Me! – Running 5 kms

Day 9 Today was a rowing day.  I tossed up a variety of exercises but settled on rowing because it has the capacity to build strength as well as getting in some cardio.  I decided to change up the music and instead, catch up… Continue Reading “The New Fit Me! – Running 5 kms”