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Calm after the storm

There is a time I like the best It’s such a peaceful time The sky’s been very violent It’s shook up trees and spooked the birds It’s ripped out shrubs and unfortunate roofs It’s cleaned the sky of polution After the storm The sky… Continue Reading “Calm after the storm”


The rain is coming down In gentle patering droplets It’s hiting on the tin roof It’s hitting on the ground The rain is coming down In delicate little droplets It’s wetting my washing It’s wetting my new plants The rain is coming down In… Continue Reading “Rain”

Lost, Cloaked and Clouded

I drive a quite mudane road to work Straight, long and full of traffic Yet some mornings I just don’t want to stop For mundaness is hidden from view The backyards of hundreds of houses Hidden behind tall concrete fences Are lost, cloaked and… Continue Reading “Lost, Cloaked and Clouded”

Rainy sunshine

I look outside My screened in window If I angle it right The houses that surround me Will disappear out of sight Leaving me with only A precious veiw of sky and trees A breeze pushes the gum tops aimlessly Amongst the sky of… Continue Reading “Rainy sunshine”