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My Name is Keegan … 10

Sorry for the long delay with the story “My name is Keegan”.  He’s a young adult that has had his life turned upside down by human like creatures that can morph into animals.  These creatures tell him, he’s one of them.  Today’s section finds… Continue Reading “My Name is Keegan … 10”

My name is Keegan … 9

My name is Keegan and the Bwbachod loomed in front of me.  Actually today it was more like a race car in design and no Doire faced its surface. “She’s happy today, she wants to go home.” Raon, the Paw man announced.  “Just remember… Continue Reading “My name is Keegan … 9”

My name is Keegan and … 8

Ettore Chaise and the man Keegan know as Paw man have spent some time breaking down barriers, but things are heating up for Keegan in the form of unknown danger and a dying father who wishes to know him.  Keegan isn’t sure if he… Continue Reading “My name is Keegan and … 8”

My name is Keegan …7

Keegan, his life allegedly a lie,  has been running for a long time and it’s all starting to catch up with him.  Does he go with Paw man and his boss or does he keep running, refusing to admit that their story might have… Continue Reading “My name is Keegan …7”

My name is Keegan 6

Welcome to “My name is Keegan”…6.  Sorry for the long delay, ocasionally life gets in the road of writing. So far, Keegan, a teenager all alone, has been chased by metamorphising humans and they have told him they have also protected him from harm.… Continue Reading “My name is Keegan 6”